Short and sweet

Logic suggests to me that I’ve written two crime fiction novels – both running to about 85,000 words; so writing short stories of about 2,500 words should be a doddle… Wrong!

Short story writing is challenging in so many different ways, but I think the hardest bit for me was realising you don’t have too much time to develop characters by letting the dialogue run, or seeing where situations take them.

I’m one of those writers who loves having the basic outline of a story, then letting things happen and being happy to change tack.

I find that with short stories, I have to be much more of a controller, a dictator even!

It’s been great learning this, and trying to apply it to the stories I am now reading out on my podcast, Words In Your Ear, which you can find at

It’s teaching me a bit of discipline, which my former school teachers would say is long overdue.

I’m even applying it to this blog. I’ve only just started, but the posts are already getting shorter!

It all proves the theory that you never stop learning.

Anyway, love and greetings to fellow writer/learners, wherever you are, and thanks for calling in…

As you can see from the picture, I’m keeping a close eye on you!

Published by Heaton Wilson

I write - crime fiction, plays, and short stories. This blog is about me and my podcast.... ... in which I bravely write new short stories, and then even more bravely read them out from the seclusion of my shed on the Isle of Wight! The podcast stories are free to listen to, but I'm supporting Quay Arts, so if you want to help them through these tough times, please make a donation, however small, at Thanks x

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