My latest short story

Check out my latest #podcast! #amwriting #amreading #amspeaking #storytelling on #Podbean — Kevin Wilson (@kkevvin) August 18, 2020 This is a link to a twitter post about a new story that was inspired by one of the Isle of Wight’s best loved family attractions. Many of us have happy memories of it, and IContinue reading “My latest short story”


I find myself moving between comedy and serious most of the time, and not just when I’m writing. It’s a fascinating divide… what makes something funny to one person, may be deadly serious and distinctly unfunny to another, because of personal experience. It’s all about perspective, I suppose. I’ve just recorded my most recent shortContinue reading “Funny/serious”

Short and sweet

Logic suggests to me that I’ve written two crime fiction novels – both running to about 85,000 words; so writing short stories of about 2,500 words should be a doddle… Wrong! Short story writing is challenging in so many different ways, but I think the hardest bit for me was realising you don’t have tooContinue reading “Short and sweet”

The next target…

I’m heavily into short stories at the moment, and seem to be bashing them out every few days. Perhaps it’s the heat. Perhaps it’s the semi-lockdown. Who knows?! But I’m enjoying them. But having written one, my next target is to read them out and publish them on my podcast, Words In Your Ear (it’sContinue reading “The next target…”

Notes from my island

I’ve been a writer all my life. It’s fair to say it IS my life, because, to be honest, I’m not that great at anything else! Oh, I’ve dabbled in singing, playing guitar and clarinet, doing repair jobs at home, and acting; but although I did ok, I never really felt totally proud of myself.Continue reading “Notes from my island”